About us


We prevent the proliferation of dumped mattresses in landfills to help avert environmental pollution

Responsible Mattress Recycling for the Environment

Mattress Gone specialises in responsible recycling practices focusing on mattresses and beds, which contribute significantly to the degradation of the environment. Why do we focus on beds and mattresses to recycle for our business? The bulk and material content of these useful bedroom fixtures occupy tremendous space in our landfills and stay there for ages before they decompose. The rate at which they are being disposed of by homes and hotels are at alarming levels.

Why Choose Us for Bed & Mattress Recycling?

We are committed to the cause of environmental protection. It is the driving force we direct our business efforts to.

Our knowledge of the waste and recycling management business enable us to see both the need for promoting practices to save the environment and the customers’ needs. We are fully licensed and hold the required waste collection and waste facility permits.

Aside from our quick response to our customers, we provide the professional and friendly service you deserve. We offer competitive rates for our services and the materials we sell.