Why Consider Mattress Recycling?


Disposing of mattresses and beds is bothersome and disruptive to your productive activities. You need to keep them in a large area before you can bring them to a dump or recycling centre using a large van or trailer where they can fit. Though you may believe in recycling as a laudable alternative, however, you may not be able to figure out how to recycle beds and mattresses. There is a smart recycling option to responsibly discard these household items – through utilising a recycling company that will do all the difficult work for you. 

Mattress Gone is leading the way in the systematic mattress removal and recycling of mattresses and beds to make life easy for you. By making us your partner in mattress recycling, you become an active participant in the effort to help save the environment. You also become instrumental in the growth of other manufacturing industries through recycling. We send used steel springs to scrap metal companies to produce scrap steel. Baled fabric is sent to textile recyclers to be made RDF (refuse-derived fuel) or solid-recovered fuel (SRF) for use in the cement industry and kilns. Other companies granulate and blend used polyurethane with either a strong binder or polyurethane systems, then form it into boards or mouldings under heat and pressure.


You actively participate in the efforts to protect the environment

Dumping your old mattresses and beds is irresponsible. It is a callous practice that can quickly fill our landfills and cause resulting damage to the environment. Mattress recycling, on the other hand, is a small but meaningful act that can spell a big difference in helping improve the environment. 


Convenient and hassle-free disposal of old mattresses or beds

Disposing of old or damaged mattresses and beds can be a great inconvenience. You either have to bring them to recycling centres or dumps or have them pick the items up days after you get their approval. And even if you want to do bed recycling or mattress recycling, you don’t have an idea of how you can do it. 


It provides opportunities for employment and work experience

Mattress recycling is an effective social economy enterprise that can give people without experience the training they need and possibly employment. The opportunity working on the enterprise can teach trainees the value of work and care for the environment, which they can bring with them and apply throughout their life.